The perfect venue for your arts and crafts courses

The perfect venue for that special group of friends or family. Somewhere you can call home with the French château twist. Somewhere you can create and make and laugh and relax, far from the madding crowds. Somewhere you will never forget and want to come back to for more memory-making

Are you...

A teacher looking for an out of the ordinary venue for your classes?
Maybe you are:

  • Seeking an adventure with your group of hand embroidery lovers? 
  • Planning a family reunion?
  • Organising a cosy and zen hen party?
  • Getting old friends together?

We are here to help you and your group enjoy a unique and creative getaway

Can you match this view from your usual classroom window?

If you are looking for...

We can help you...

Create amazing memories:

Realise your dreams of living the French château life with your chosen friends or family, as if it’s your own home with your own magic moments

Uniquely bonding experience:

There’s nothing like laughing together, creating together and discovering together. It’s all about deepening friendships, connecting family members young and old, and celebrating life’s major milestones. And then reaping the benefits year on year

Relax and unwind:

You’ll have complete peace of mind from start to finish as Fiona will always be discreetly there to host and guide your group. She has thirty years of experience of international hospitality and tour guiding all around the world, as well as a large grownup family, and loves nothing more than having her house full of relaxed and happy people

Creating, fulfilling and nourishing:

If you crave nightclubs, crowds and wild excess then our château experience is not for you!
BUT if you’re looking for understated luxury, beautiful surroundings, excellent food and wine, slow tourism and a sense of achievement from creating and making ,then this could well be your perfect choice

Discover and explore:

We will mastermind your week with its extra themed activities and fascinating excursions, leaving you the pleasure of making and creating with your group, and soaking up the authentic French experience together

Manage your budget

All inclusive price for your group’s stay so there’s no quibbling about extras and surcharges. You avoid the headache of keeping the finances straight

We get it...

We know how daunting it can be to organise a group getaway that everyone will love

Sometimes not speaking the local language means you wonder what you missed out on

If the programme is too rigid or too full it can cut in to conversations and special moments

There’s nothing worse than niggles about money and who pays what
You kind of want the best of everything that combines some creativity, some sightseeing, some local colour and some downtime

Mobility Note:

Lots of small steps and uneven ground are all part of the charm of this ancient site, so enjoy its idiosyncrasies as you wander around gently

Why Choose Us?

“I will never forget my first night sitting by your pool, in awe of how beautiful it all is. Thank you for being so open and warm, it is this kind of experience that will make our Europe trip so memorable”
Adelaide, Australia
“Loved everything about my experimental textile week; the company, art, food, wine, and especially you”
Florida USA
“A week never to be forgotten, with dancing grannies and more brilliant people moments”
Bristol UK

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