Arts and Crafts Courses in South West France

Bring your friends, learn new skills and relax together in stunning surroundings in a renovated 18th Century chateau

Are you...

A teacher looking for an out of the ordinary venue for your classes?
Maybe you are:

  • Seeking an adventure with your group of hand embroidery lovers? 
  • Planning a family reunion?
  • Organising a cosy and zen hen party?
  • Getting old friends together?

We are here to help you and your group enjoy a unique and creative getaway

Can you match this view from your usual classroom window?

The courses featured below are for group bookings of 4-10 people.

Alternatively, you may already teach classes regularly and are looking to bring your students to a refreshingly different ‘classroom venue’. If so, do get in touch to discuss dates.

Fantastic Felted Fungi

Create magical mushrooms and birds of the forest from felted woollen jerseys

Botanical Printing on Paper and Fabric

Dye paper and fabrics using natural pigments and hedgerow harvest

Learn to draw and paint flowers

Learn to draw and paint flowers, leaves and vegetables on this ‘botany boot camp’ course

Silk ribbon embroidery

Discover the secrets of silk ribbon embroidery, which can be mastered by all levels and abilities

Why Choose Us?

“I will never forget my first night sitting by your pool, in awe of how beautiful it all is. Thank you for being so open and warm, it is this kind of experience that will make our Europe trip so memorable”
Adelaide, Australia
“Loved everything about my experimental textile week; the company, art, food, wine, and especially you”
Florida USA
“A week never to be forgotten, with dancing grannies and more brilliant people moments”
Bristol UK

About Us

Château de Pécile has been welcoming international visitors since 1560, when King Henri II of France gave the royal property to his favoured Italian courtier Vincenzo Piscilla from Lucca. Hence the name Le Pécile.

Ever since the 16th century, fascinating literary and creative people have lived, dined and laughed at Le Pécile. And your group could be next, following in the footsteps of characters like Bishop Matteo Bandello who wrote the original Romeo and Juliet storyline that Shakespeare subsequently made famous.

Want to create your own course or bring your students?

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